We’re Unabashedly Obsessed!

We’ve got to get it off our chests. Please, sit there and be quiet.

Hey, everyone! We are Erin and James, and we are Unabashedly Obsessed, the podcast that has been a work in progress since September 2015 and as of today still has yet to be published! (We like to slow roll things. Build the suspense. Make you shiver with antici…



Mostly, we talk about whatever we feel like talking about. Like zombies! And Stephen King! And horses!

We also have bits! Like our No Context Corrections, and a thing we start trying about five episodes in called James and Erin Write a Movie. Sometimes we try to dissect our dreams. We often talk about books, time travel, and Doctor Who. “Often” as in “I’m pretty sure we haven’t had a single episode yet where we don’t talk about books and/or time travel and/or Doctor Who.”

One day, we’ll get these episodes we’ve recorded edited and theme songed and published. And boy, will that be a great day for everyone.