Episode 1: Target Brand Flamethrowers (Zombies)

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 1: Target Brand Flamethrowers (Zombies)

Hey everyone! We finally (FINALLY) edited our first episode! Here it is!

We recorded this one in Erin’s kitchen, which has a nice echo to it that we didn’t realize till after the fact, so we won’t be doing that again. Probably.

We also had to do a pre-intro and a post-outro because we like to make things hard on ourselves. Hey, we started recording this show back in September. A lot has happened since then, and we had to account for it all.

We really hope you all enjoy this episode and stick around for the ones to come in the future, as we find our stride and start streamlining our recording process a little bit more.

Special thanks to Jamie Chahine for the use of our theme song, “Did You Guys Know There Was a Ladder Down Here?”

14 thoughts on “Episode 1: Target Brand Flamethrowers (Zombies)

  1. Welp, here’s my two cents: While I do enjoy a good zombie movie, I can’t say I’ve ever given the genre as a whole the U(F)O-level of attention you guys do here… however I definitely DO become unabashedly obsessed with film scores… I don’t really remember the 28 days/weeks later movies well enough to comment on them, but the music from both movies was incredibly compelling. Like, knock-your-socks off compelling, at least for me.

    Furthermore – and I may be way off base asserting this just off the top of my head – but thanks in large part to the score and the way it was used, I think 28 Days Later deserves some points for originality (looking at other movies of Danny Boyle’s, I think a lot of his movies have a pretty unique style and tone, so I guess that comes as no surprise). Something about the repetitive minimalist piano tapping going on for minutes on end with nothing more on the screen than a worried face or two with very little dialogue really challenged my capacity for sustained attention in a way I’m not sure if I appreciated or found infuriating. Either way, the score had this really cool effect for me of really sloooowly building tension for which I can’t think of any worthy comparison. The end result for me is an entire cinematic style/tone that at least I had never seen before – although I would most definitely see something very similar to it again in the song in the opening credits to World War Z (hm… another fast-zombie movie, interesting).

    I loved the opening titles to World War Z for the very 28-days-latery music, but also for the montage they used. I thought it was really cool how they compiled a bunch of actual news clips of all the different global-scare situations we get exposed to on the news (climate change, public health, bath salts I think, and even 2012 doomsday fruitcakes). I thought that was a great idea as a little primer for a zombie movie.

    Also, I’d like to point out that Christopher Eccleston (Dr Who, season 1) showed up in a pivotal role towards the end of 28 Days Later, while Peter Capaldi (Dr Who, currently) showed up in a pivotal role towards the end of World War Z. COINCIDENCE?!

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    1. I don’t think I ever saw 28 Weeks later, Jamie. Furthermore, it has been probably about a decade since I saw 28 Days Later, which is a travesty because “…..Rage.” aside, it was, as you said, a very original movie and I don’t know if I knew that Danny Boyle directed them.

      It’s really amazing that I haven’t seen WWZ. Brad Pitt is one of my favorite actors and it looked like an interesting premise.

      I think it’s safe to say that I have some Zombie catch-up (as opposed to zombie ketchup….ewwww) in my future. And I’m going to be paying explicit attention to the score on 28DL.

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    2. Oh and secondly, that is crazy that that (THAT’S A LOT OF “THAT’S”!) Doctor Who connection exists what with Doctor Who being the next topic of choice. It’s like some unseen hand is moving us like pawns…………….

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      1. I looked it up, and apparently Danny Boyle directed Days, but someone else directed Weeks, although it looks like he was definitely involved with Weeks in some way.

        I know I’m stretching to make that Dr. Who “connection,” but …. yes. Let’s go with unseen hand.

        I’m also a big fan of Brad Pitt. Definitely check out WWZ if you get the chance, I thought it was great. I’d say why, but… as River Song would say, “spoilers….”

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      2. Oh, and if I remember correctly 28 Weeks Later was great. It opens with a BANG, so you’ll know within the first ten minutes if you’re up for it. The music is just as good, if not better, and the actor who plays the main character in the movie is fantastic. I don’t know his name, but he’s British and he’s just one of those actors who just seems to be good in everything, no matter what it is.

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    1. Yeah! He’s great… Hey, did you ever watch any of the BBC series The Thick of It where he plays the unforgettable Malcom Tucker? That’s probably one of my favorite tv shows. Like, probably in my top 5 or 10 or whatever.


      1. No, I’ve never even heard of it! But now I need to track it down. And get obsessed with it. And do an episode about it. #thinkingahead

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