Episode 8: The Fan Edition (Musical Numbers in Movies)

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 8: The Fan Edition (Musical Numbers in Movies)

Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of Unabashedly Obsessed. This week, we discuss one of James’s favorite things ever–musical performances in movies, not to be confused with movies that are musicals. Under discussion are That Thing You Do!, Pitch Perfect (1 and 2), Crossroads, and Empire Records. If you haven’t seen Crossroads, get on Netflix and watch it RIGHT NOW because Erin says to.

Special thanks to Jamie Chahine for the use of our theme song, “Did You Guys Know There Was a Ladder Down Here?”

2 thoughts on “Episode 8: The Fan Edition (Musical Numbers in Movies)

  1. Hi James! Hi Erin!

    So, I was going to say that there’s no need to mail me your copy of Crossroads, until Erin mentioned Brittany Spears, and then I realized you were definitely not talking about the 1986 Crossroads (amazingly also a musical movie) with Ralph Macchio where he learns to play the Blues, and at the end of the movie he has a guitar duel with Steve Vai.

    That’s probably very similar to the Brittany Spears/Christina Aguilera version, right? If you’ve seen one Crossroads, you’ve seen ’em all. Yeah… don’t bother sending out that tape.

    Oh man, thank you for reminding me of Sister Act, I totally forgot about those movies!

    Has anyone seen Magnolia? Pretty bizarre, but entertaining. That movie definitely stands out in my mind as one with a really unique musical performance in a movie, if you can call it that. It’s not like everybody breaks out into song or anything in the usual way, but yeah… definitely memorable to me. In case you haven’t seen it, there’s a scene towards the climax of the movie, where this song by Aimee Mann comes on the radio, and I think they cut, one by one, to all the different characters in the movie listening to it on the radio at the same time in different parts of town, and singing along in their own private way. I like Aimee Mann, and she did a lot of the music for that movie.

    What else.. Oh! Monty Python of course! Endless examples.

    Can Pete Postlethwaite’s giving the opening monologue to Romeo and Juliet with that grandiose swelling soundtrack in the background count as a musical performance? Cause it should. That was badass.

    “Put that kid back or so help me” wins the trophy hands down for me all day, though.

    FYI, ASCAP stands for A way to Secure Copyright so Asshats don’t steal your Publications.

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  2. We own Magnolia, so it is entirely possible for us to watch it. If there’s one thing I know about that movie, it’s that it is un-frog-gettable!

    The Sister Act movies are so so great. I feel like they missed out on the tag line “This time, she’s not frocking around”

    The ASCAP acronym really tells it like it is! I like it!


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