Episode 40: Tapping Frustles (“Newsies: The Movie: The Musical: The Movie”)

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 40: Tapping Frustles (“Newsies: The Movie: The Musical: The Movie”)

Hey, everyone! Sorry we’re late this week; due to audio issues, we lost the episode we’d originally planned to post, so you get this one, which we recorded just last night!

We went to see a Broadway production of “Newsies” at the movie theatre (yup), and it was very different from the movie we grew up with! We do not refrain from spoilers in this episode, so if you have plans to see it yourself and want to go in with no knowledge of what was different and what stayed the same, hold off on this episode until after you’ve seen it.

Thanks to Jamie Chahine for our theme song, “Did You Guys Know There Was A Ladder Down Here?”, and to Emily Kardamis (@corruptedgem on Twitter) for our awesome new logo, which may or may not have uploaded into iTunes and which you may or may not be looking at right now!

4 thoughts on “Episode 40: Tapping Frustles (“Newsies: The Movie: The Musical: The Movie”)

    1. Were you familiar with the movie? Or was it a new story for you? I think it would be very interesting to watch it as a new story.

      And yeah, the dancing was INSANE. There was one part where this guy was like doing a back handspring and then like went into the splits while upside down! And then also the guy doing like figure skating moves using the newspapers under his feet! So good!


      1. I never saw the movie. I first discovered Newsies through Pandora in like 2015 or 2014. So it was a very new story for me. I love the touring production. I love the intimate relationship between Crutchie and Jack and love the relationship between all the Newsies. Even love the romance between Jack and Katherine.

        The flips, the jumping over each other and sliding each other, dancing on newspapers was just mind-blowing. I can totally understand why Newsies won best choreography. I loved Newsies so much that I ended up getting the Original Broadway Soundtrack.

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  1. Very interesting! Yeah, the friendship between Jack and Crutchie was one of my favorite parts.

    It would be interesting to hear what you think of the movie, having seen the musical first. Wanna be our intrepid explorer and give it a shot?


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