Episode 53: Hi, Mary! (Whisk[e]y Business)

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 53: Hi, Mary! (Whisk[e]y Business)

Hey, everyone! We deviate a bit from our standard fare this week as we are joined by Mary from Hungry Hungry Hip Girls, who guides Erin through a whisk(e)y tasting and James through a whisk(e)y smelling, as James rightfully decided that drinking a bunch of whiskey at 9 pm on a Wednesday was maybe not the best idea. Additional talking points include apples vs. tomatoes, and some bizarre anime porn thing Mary stumbled upon.

Thank you to Jamie Chahine for our theme song, “Did You Guys Know There Was A Ladder Down Here?” and to Emily Kardamis (@corruptedgem) for our cover art.

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