Episode 103: Hi, Caitlin! (90% Stephen King, 10% Book Deals)

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 103: Hi, Caitlin! (90% Stephen King, 10% Book Deals)

Hey, everyone! This week, we had the chance to sit down with the most excellent Caitlin Kunkel, co-founder of The Belladonna, a comedy and satire website consisting entirely of pieces written by women and other marginalized genders. It’s very, very good, and you should definitely go check it out.

But that’s not really what we talked to Caitlin about. Mostly we talked about Stephen King, because if there is someone out there who matches (and maybe even surpasses!) us in our unabashed obsession with Stephen King, it’s Caitlin. Spoilers for “The Stand” happen. Also for “Misery”.

We also talked about the book deal she recently landed, which is a really interesting conversation and she claims to only know enough about book publishing to fill 10% of an episode, but I think she was selling herself short, because she knows at least enough to fill 11% of an episode.

Thank you to Jamie Chahine for our theme song, “Did You Guys Know There Was A Ladder Down Here?” and to Emily Kardamis (@corruptedgem) for our cover art. You can find more of Jamie’s music on his band’s YouTube channel!

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