Episode 109: You Remind Me of the Babe (“Labyrinth”)

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 109: You Remind Me of the Babe (“Labyrinth”)

Hey, everyone! This week, we dance the magic dance, we brave the Bog of Eternal Stench, and one of us appreciates David Bowie’s tight, tight pants. That’s right, we’re talking about “Labyrinth”, the movie that made Erin and so many other children of the 80s want to send our younger siblings to live with goblins just so we could have a chance at forever with the Goblin King and his leggings.

The book/website/fan fiction Erin discusses having stumbled upon in high school turns out to be the novelization of the movie, and is available here (affiliate link), where you can see inside and read the first 30 or so pages and get all that good good backstory that the movie just didn’t think was even a little bit important.

Thank you to Jamie Chahine for our theme song, “Did You Guys Know There Was A Ladder Down Here?” and to Emily Kardamis (@corruptedgem) for our cover art. You can find more of Jamie’s music on his band’s YouTube channel!

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