We are Erin and James, and we are unabashedly obsessed with a lot of things related to pop (and not-so-pop) culture. Some things we are obsessed with are Stephen King, Anna Kendrick, time travel, Tom Hanks, time travel, Anna Kendrick, books, Stephen King books, Tom Hanks, Anna Kendrick, and time travel. Oh, and Stephen King.

We’ve been friends for more than half our lives, our kids are friends, even our dogs are friends. Mostly. More like they tolerate one another’s existence, but in dog world, sometimes that’s as good as it gets. (In people world, too, sometimes that’s as good as it gets.)

You can follow us on Twitter, too, if you want. @UFOPodcast (you get to figure out what the F stands for) (hint: it stands for “@UnabashedlyObsessed was too long so we had to get creative”) (it does NOT stand for “we really like spaceships”) (except the Serenity; she’s a wicked awesome ship).

And you can join our Facebook group! (Unless you’re a robot. Then you can only join if you’re a cool robot.)

(Parentheses are another of our obsessions, but they aren’t exactly pop or even not-so-pop culture-related, so they didn’t make the short list.)

3 thoughts on “About!

    1. Hey Jess! Thanks for checking out the blog! I also have a blog over at http://appetitefordistraction.blogspot.com where i also host my own personal podcast, counting down the top ten songs on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart! It’s fun to be able to put this kind of stuff on the internet!

      I’m happy to see you’ve been pretty bloggy yourself! I checked out the post you did about the 5 things we do to keep ourselves from being happy! It was very interesting and certainly something that I need to work on!


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