Episode 32: Yippee-Kay-Yule (Christmas (and Action, Apparently?) Movies)

Episode 32: Yippee-Kay-Yule (Christmas (and Action, Apparently?) Movies)

Hey, everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year–time for us to wax poetic about our favorite holiday (and not-so-holiday) movies, as well as Alan Rickman and the Freemans (Morgan and Martin). We also want to wish all of our listeners a happy holidays, whatever your holiday of choice may be–Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Candlenights, Yule, whatever you celebrate, we hope it’s a good one and that no one tries to blow up a building with you in it.

The charity single James references at the end of this episode can be found at https://songbytoadrecords.bandcamp.com/

Thanks to Jamie Chahine for our theme song, “Did You Guys Know There Was a Ladder Down Here?”