Episode 78: Tom Rom Coms (“Joe vs. the Volcano”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve Got Mail”)

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 78: Tom Rom Coms (“Joe vs. the Volcano”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve Got Mail”)

Hey, everyone! This week we delve into the THanks/MRyan (that’s not a thing, Erin) trilogy of rom coms. Discussion points include: if one of you has been unconscious during the extent of your time spent with a person, probably you aren’t in love with that person; since the 90s, stalking has gotten a lot easier and impromptu air travel has gotten a lot harder; and we know quite literally nothing about the origin story of “You’ve Got Mail”, and yes, we did Google it later and discover just how wrong we were.

Podcast promo swap time! Remember Tim and Leon over at Yeah, G’Day? They’re funny, they’re Australian, and they’re a damn delight. If you aren’t listening to them, you should be.

Thank you to Jamie Chahine for our theme song, “Did You Guys Know There Was A Ladder Down Here?” and to Emily Kardamis (@corruptedgem) for our cover art. You can now find more of Jamie’s music on his band’s YouTube channel!

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